As an young and dynamic market communications agency, OPA works closely with clients to address a broad challenges across diverse product categories and audiences, and achieving the winnable outcome that meet the clients’ objectives by influencing their audiences.

For achieving the goal to influencing the outcome, OPA follows a systematic step-by-step approach, and transforming the market insights into actions on a consistent basis:

Defining the winnable outcome, based on the objectives set by the clients
Discovering the insights of the target audiences
Creating the optimal communication program
Engaging in the program to ensure the achievement of the desired outcome

Through an aligned joint teamwork with our clients, OPA marketing team generates break-though conference settings and ideas that exceed customers' expectations.

OPA’s conference services include: strategic planning, event organization and management, event implementation and event evaluation.

OPA provides Visual Identity services from marketing to graphical designs and to help clients improve their in-depth branding understanding and market penetration ability.